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Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Lex Witness 6th Annual Edition of The Information Technology Legal Summit 2018 – an opportunity for us to meet face to face, share ideas and learn from a great peer group! Even if it is just a day! Having started in 2013, this year is the 6th edition being held in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India. It’s been a prestigious platform for us in the legal community to leverage as an opportunity to play the role of a risk-identifier, identify risks and work towards strategizing a proactive approach to manage/ mitigate these risks. I have truly enjoyed my association with the summit in the past few years.

Change is the only Constant

We live and work in an interesting time. The decade of the Noughties helped make technology mainstream globally; the current decade – especially post 2015 – is throwing up new ways of using technology while giving the power into the hands of consumers. Be it through digital, robotic process automation (RPA) or artificial intelligence (AI), today’s businesses are witnessing a shift in terms of talent, revenue source and share, business models and organizational structure. These technological solutions are increasingly becoming omnipresent, resulting in blurring the lines between technology and non-technology companies. This evolution is nowhere more delineated as much as in India’s IT/ BPM industry.

It has meant a change for us in the legal community as well. Technology and the resultant models/ successes mean newer ways of working, which translates to associated risks and legal proofing the business. And, doing this without any hindrance to the success of your organization.

I believe that the General Counsel’s role has today fully transformed into a twin responsibility – you are the gatekeeper to protect your organization’s best interests while being an enabling partner to the business tackling a technology-led landscape. Secondly, there are a lot of grey areas that the industry is facing – implementation of GDPR, data protection laws, major changes in labour laws, landmark judgements coming from various High Courts and Supreme Court impacting existing laws of the country, etc.

Add elements such as the visa-related bills being introduced in some developed markets and the IT/BPM sector’s increased focus on local hiring in the US and UK, it’s definitely a steep challenge for us attimes!

In such a scenario, the upcoming Summit with its thought-provoking sessions can help in creating a dialogue – where each of us discuss threadbare and analyze the factors affecting the industry and come up with practical solutions. I have always believed that the collaboration and resolve of many minds always results in a stronger impact.

The focused panel discussions led by key leaders would elaborate on:

Regulatory Rifles – The Rage Continues?
Data Protection – India’s Journey & Global Benchmarks
IPR Talks – Protecting the IntellectProfitability!
Sweet Talks – e-Commerce & Fintech Focus

These are pertinent topics of discussion and I am excited to catch up with you on June 8th, 2018 at the Lalit Ashok. Look forward to your participation, thoughts and opinion on the different success mantras to tackle challenges faced by the legal fraternity in the IT/BPM industry.


S. Mahadevan
Executive Vice President – Legal Compliance & Risk Management Hinduja Global Solutions
Summit Chair – The 6th Annual Information Technology Legal Summit 2018

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2018 Summit Chair Message

S. Mahadevan

Executive Vice President – Legal, Compliance & Risk Management,
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